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Image by Sam Mgrdichian


Growing up as an ordinary kid in Stockholm, Sweden, Lucas was mostly engaged in sports, friends and other common interests that was popular among the neighborhood kids. There wasn’t much going on in Lucas upbringing that would forecast the path of self discovery and spiritual quest that would soon define his life trajectory. 


In adolescence struggles with meaning and purpose led him to start questioning what life was about. The lack of meaning wasn’t resolved at this time, only temporarily swept under the rug by by the distractions of normal teenage life.


After years without much direction and purpose, things started to move when Lucas found an interest in books on self development. Perhaps this would be the answer to lifes calling? The more in-depth the teachings took the more success seemed to be about inner peace rather than material gain. Eventually the idea about non-dual spiritual enlightenment entered the scene which changed everything.


It wasn’t long before the topic of enlightenment put everything else aside. When long held beliefs about the nature of self and reality started to break down, Lucas found himself in a dark existential  crisis. What had been comfortable assumptions about what was real fell away in a groundless state of doubt and terror. Without the ability to either believe nor disbelieve anything the unruly mind projected a dark abyss of suffering. The deep suffering led to a desperate search for the root of mind. What AM I prior to the mind and its projections? 


The single pointed attention and immense force that was put into questioning the mind and taking it apart eventually payed off. The true non-dual nature of the Self came into clear knowing. The suffering and identification with the I thought came to a halt.


What transpired after the deep non-dual realisation was a process to integrate and embody the non-dual awareness in all areas of life and purify outdated beliefs and behaviours. After the egoic knot of the mind was untied, Lucas authentic expression started flowering into new fields of interests and talents.


With a natural curiosity about the nature of reality and its mechanics, inquiries into multiple fields in metaphysics was explored in earnest. This have resulted in a broad spectrum understanding and an ability to navigate multiple points of view, while still abiding in the non-dual state of No Mind as the peaceful background of experience.


Lucas ability to perceive, dissect and clarify the various programs of consciousness is what makes him a skilled teacher. He is comfortable moving between different levels of perception and identity, and share information and perspectives on whatever level that is suitable, moment to moment. 


What is important to Lucas is sharing the gift of sovereignty and self definition. To honour individual uniqueness in expression and outlook on life. To not live in others paradigms under somebody else’s authority. He want his clients to find their own path and their own truth. Thats why he calls his teachings suggestions and perspectives only, with the responsibility on the client and listener to find truth and freedom within themselves.



Personal life


Lucas has a profoundly family oriented everyday life together with his female counterpart and her eleven year old son in Sweden. 


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