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What happens in this kind of Hypnosis?

To schedule a hypnosis session email:

Price: 2100 SEK or matching in USD.

The hypnosis is being held in Stockholm city or online. A link to a Zoom video meeting will be sent prior to the start. A hypnosis session usually take between 3-4 hours.

Multidimensional hypnosis



In a  session the client is guided into a state of hypnosis where the attention on everyday awareness retreats into the background of experience. When awareness is not focused in a certain time and place it is possible to guide it into a deeper part of the subconscious mind. The subconscious is an intelligent, timeless network of ”past” and ”future” fields of experience. This intelligence that can also be called ”higher self” is what essentially drives the session while Lucas is assisting the process. 

Conventional psychology often investigates childhood trauma to understand thought patterns and behaviours among adults. In a similar but much deeper manner, hypnosis into the quantum realm can open the inner library from multiple timelines where the patterns of current conditioning and behaviour often have their inception. In this way, deep seated unconscious patterns can come up to the surface and be dealt with by the conscious mind. There is not only traumas and hardships stored in the subconscious field, also latent gifts and abilities are waiting to be remembered. Through hypnosis one can activate strengths that can be life transforming.


What often arises in hypnosis sessions are experiences of other timelines all over the multiverse. If these are literal memories of past/future/parallell lives, borrowed memories, energetic metaphor or simply fantasy is up for the client to decide. To Lucas it matters not since all experience is shown for a reason and has energetic codes relevant for the growth of the individual.


During the hypnosis session there will also be a scan where the energy body is examined for outdated programs, and other forms of energetic debris that densify the experience. Whatever is no longer a match in preferred vibration is cleared form the field to optimise future experience. During this stage there is opportunity for healing, and a tuneup of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.


At the end there is also an opportunity for the client to ask questions to their Higher self/soul essence.


These sessions are recommended for all who are open minded and want to understand more of the energetic inheritance and conditioning of the soul. It is a powerful tool to let go of limiting beliefs and addictions. The technique has the ability to bring healing to all aspects of the soul. It is also a tool to come into contact with and activate more of an interdimensional awareness within the greater reality.


For those who seek healing and guidance through all aspects of the soul. It is also for all who want to experience and activate more of a interdimensional awareness of 



Included in hypnosis sessions:


- Pre hypnosis discussion. Establishing goals for the session and how the procedure works

- Regression/progression through experiences in the quantum field

- Energetic scanning, clearing and upgrade. 

- Questions for the Higher Self

- Short post hypnosis talk about what has transpired.

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