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Spring Mountain

Welcome to Facets of Perception

What do you find here?

Facets of Perception is dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and how to apply this growth in daily life.

Based on personal experience with no dogma.

Offers insight and perspectives on many areas of spiritual development

Provide services in non-duality and multidimensional hypnosis

Non-duality is about awakening to the essence of being. The unborn, untouched background to all experienced phenomena. It is the process to see through the identification with the qualities of mind and its limited projections. Resulting in the conscious connection with ones true nature, beyond space, time, limitation and suffering. 

Hypnosis is a state where the mind lets go from its anchoring to this time/space moment. When this focus is mobile it is guided to a a greater part of the soul called Higher Self. Ones Higher Self houses all the timelines experienced by the soul and how energies and imprints move between incarnations. In the hypnosis one can become conscious of how energetic inheritance have shaped ones current thoughts, feelings and behavior and how it can be adjusted for a more balanced and expanded experience of life 



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